I Brought a Spirit Home from a Graveyard

So, I brought a spirit home from a graveyard. And while I know how crazy this sounds, the more time that passes, the more I’m beginning to believe it. Screw beginning to believe. I’m certain of it.

Warning: this will make me sound absolutely insane, and I’m fine with it. I’m a bit crazy, and I’m also extremely open to the supernatural and unknown. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I believe there’s far more to life and death and the realms and time and dreams than we ignorant and short-lived humans believe. I think we’re all a lot dumber than we appear, and that there’s far more to our existence than this life. We just pretend we have all the answers, when in reality we know almost nothing. And that makes me happy.

So, here we go.

Brief backstory. I went on a spooky date to a haunted graveyard. Fantastic time, even if we didn’t see any ghosts. I was hoping we would, but alas. At the end of it, the guide warned us to say a prayer or chant of sorts to ward off taking any spirits home with us. Instead, I silently and verbally invited them into me. Partially as a joke. Partially because I thought it may be cool to experience and I’m open to that sort of thing.

I woke up the next day feeling a bit out of sorts, like too far inside my own head but just off. Super sensitive, with this warmth in my chest that I couldn’t quite shake or understand. I would come to realize that what I was feeling was bliss or something akin to it, an overwhelming happiness that made me a bit cautious and fearful since it was so pronounced. I didn’t even recognize the feeling at first, because let’s face it, we rarely live in bliss, or even happiness.

Of course, there can be contributing factors. Date great with awesome person I’ve liked since I’ve known her. Of course you’re happy—not chilling with the spirit of a dead sailor inside of you. I also love Halloween, so maybe I’m happy that I get to celebrate it in the ways I’ve always wanted to but missed out because I’m often fearful of doing things alone. So yes, there are contributing factors to be being happy. But this would be a really shitty blog if it stopped here.

Things continue to get stranger.

A day passes and I still feel different. Friday, but we’ll return to Thursday again. Not a good or bad different, but there’s weird swings of emotions, super highs and super lows. I’m crying at songs I find beautiful, and while this isn’t new to me, I haven’t done it in a long time. My passenger spirit is very emotional.

Friday. I’m at a Starbucks and get into a deep conversation with a complete stranger—a man in his mid-seventies, who tells me a story about his regrets with love and what he still wishes to accomplish in life. Maybe this doesn’t sound strange to you, but I don’t often have deep conversations with people I just met. And most people in Starbucks suck. I’m not even sure what promoted this conversation, but I suddenly find myself listening him to lament about his high-school sweetheart and how he sacrificed so much to be near her during college, only to have her leave him four months later. He’s not bitter. Not angry. Just saddened and regretful. Over himself, and her.

Still it gets stranger. Back to Thursday, and I’m heading into one of my work accounts. A girl is walking in front of me. She looks over her shoulder, sees me, and turns around to walk beside me. I have no idea what’s happening. She’s sort of cute, which makes this even stranger. Nerdy. And I start looking for the candid camera as she begins talking to me. Asking me where I’m from, what I’m doing here, where I’m going. I answer as I try to figure out what’s happening. Do you want to come to New Haven to out with me? Do you know Dave? Now I really have no idea what’s happening, and who the fuck is Dave? She follows me into my store and continues to talk to me in front of the store owner as if he doesn’t exist. I try to look at my work Ipad to gently tell her to please leave me alone, as at this point I’m just confused, and eventually she buys a handle of gin, after about twenty minutes of deliberation and quests. As she’s leaving, she’s still asking me out even though I told her I’m working. And then she says, “I know I’ve seen you before. I’ve known you.” And then she leaves. The store owner looks at me. What the fuck was that?

I still have no idea, but it’s the strangest interaction I’ve ever had, and it happened the day after I brought my spirit friend home with me.

Still, it gets a bit stranger. It’s Sunday night as I’m writing this. I’m still super happy, excited by life and the future, writing more than I have in months, both this blog and my fiction, but I feel partially crazy. In a good way.

I haven’t slept or eaten much since Wednesday night. I had been eating constantly beforehand, but everything tastes weird now. Meat suddenly disgusts me, and I love meat. Today, I cooked some ribs, took a few bites, and froze the rest because I know I won’t want it anytime soon. I find myself wanting, but really I don’t even want food, and this is very new territory for me.

While I’m not a great sleeper to begin with, I’m just not tired. Ever. Also not like me.

Still it gets a little stranger. Two people I’m very close with have told me I’m exuding a strange energy that they’ve never felt from me before. Honestly, I’m not completely sure what that statement is supposed to mean, and they told me this off the cuff, without me saying a single word about spirits or any other nonsense. And one told me my eyes are darker. Also without any encouragement.

I don’t have any answers, and I’m certainly not at all concerned. Other than being assumed crazy, but that’s alright—I am, the world needs some good crazy.

In my opinion, I’m being helped out by a friendly spirit who thought I needed the company and reminder. Here’s some bliss. Here’s a reminder about how we’re supposed to feel. Happy. Optimistic. Accepting and open and patient. Go connect with strangers. Connect with friends and family, too. Connect with yourself and what’s important. Connect with your spooky date and go live and enjoy and see the future brings. I’m a ghost, and I’m a lot wiser than you.

Spirits are always assumed harmful and negative. But it depends what you open yourself to. Be receptive and willing to be surprised. And go visit haunted graveyards.

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