Brokenly Human

I sat down at my piano a few hours ago and tried to improvise a song. The process proved mildly successful, but it was also nothing new, nothing that I haven’t heard before in my own mind—the same key progressions and shifts, the same chords and tempos, just arranged differently. Much like the same thoughts […]

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Hi, AGain

It turns out that I am not dead. That’s a good thing. Not blogging for the last year-plus is not a good thing, and it gets even worse when you hear my bullshit excuse. I had planned to edit a novel for the blog, similar to the others I posted. Then, like a smart person, […]

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-29- Kortena -30- All We Can Do

Greetings. This post has been a long time coming. Much time has passed between this post and my last. Mostly due to anxiety concerning what I would post after this piece of fiction is complete: these are the final two chapters of Sealandia, and for those who any of the novella, I hope you enjoyed […]

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