Sinking, and More Sinking

-2- Sinking I pull away from Kortena, switch off the network, its adds and programs, all the things it wants me to see and do and experience. I don’t want pills. Well, I do, but not those pills, and I’m not even sure what Kortena’s trying to tell me. I could use the dictionary for […]

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Kortena’s Voice

Hello, friends. I hope everyone had a stellar and covid-safe 4th of July. It’s been awhile since my last post. A bit of editing, but mostly mental preparation to share a new novel. Like most writers, or people in general, I suffer from impostor syndrome. Not that I’m a successful writer by any means or […]

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Hello, readers. Whether you’ve read a few times or the entire novel that I’ve been posting, I thank you for your time. If you’ve been enjoying a few posts here and there, you should probably go back to the beginning to read the entire book. I know this can be inconvenient and require a good […]

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Carnival of Rust

He wakes to the pale light of day. Rain puddles around him, and still it falls from the sky. His lifts his coat up off the deck, heavy with water, and fails to ring it out, drapes it across the railing and hopes that the rain will cease. “You dreamed,” Shoal says from behind him, […]

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Memories, and Nothing

Hello, readers. Recently, on Facebook, I took a leap of courage and was pleasantly rewarded. In my quest to find readers before I start sending my novel out to agents and publishers, I asked a few friends who I knew enjoyed fantasy. Life is busy and hectic, especially now, and I expect nothing from those […]

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